A Destination

Few places have so seamlessly blended cafe and business as Red Door in Windsor.

The floor stock at this Chinese antiques and furniture shop are also the tables and chairs you will sit at to eat - all tagged and priced accordingly. Five times a week for lunch they serve yum cha in a space that is basically an old concrete-walled warehouse. Yet, filled with the red and black lacquered furniture, the ceiling festooned with lanterns that look like white cherries, it's a far cry from the usual suburban Chinese.


The food at Red Door is delicious and, even better, comes with a very friendly price tag. It’s one of those great places that can accommodate an intimate twosome or a large group for a quick bite, casual meal or a super good time. 


The menu is short but sweet, and hits all the required notes. Dumplings are the main attraction at Red Door, and with a Guangdong master at the helm you’ll be likely to over-order. You’ve been duly warned.


Ever found yourself at a loss for a good place to bring your own plonk and get stuck into a shared, laidback meal and some lively conversation with friends? If you’re in the Windsor hood, Red Door – that little hidden gem – is where you want to hang your hat.